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About students

Le master Economics and Business intègre l'École du management et de l'innovation de Sciences Po créée en octobre 2016.
Les étudiants en cours de scolarité poursuivent la formation au sein de leur master d'origine.
Leur programme pourra faire l'objet de quelques évolutions liées à la mise en œuvre de l'École pour la rentrée 2017/2018.

Students Profile (2015-2016)

Number of Students:

  • 63 in Master Year 1
  • 42 in Gap Year
  • 69 in Master Year 2

From whom:

  • 10 students are enrolled in Dual Degree programs
  • 39 nationalities are represented

Average Age in Master Year 1: 22 years old

Student's provenance:

  • 54% France
  • 24% Europe (excl. France)
  • 8% Asia
  • 7% Americas
  • 7% Others

Institutions of origin (examples):

  • Sciences Po College, France
  • Agro Paris Tech, France
  • American University of Cairo, Egypt
  • Beijing Foreign Studies Univ., China
  • École des Mines, France
  • ENSEEIHT, France
  • HEC Montréal, Canada
  • King's College London, UK
  • London School of Economics, UK
  • McGill University, Canada
  • MGIMO, Russia
  • Paris Sorbonne Université, France
  • Stockholm University, Sweden
  • SUPELEC, France
  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
  • Università Luigi Bocconi, Italy
  • Universität St Gallen, Switzerland
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Students testimonials

Valentina Khatib, Institutional Sales in Oddo&Cie, Fixed Income Sales & Trading (Graduated in 2015)

I obtained my bachelor degree in Economics from Stockholm, where I am originally from. After completing my degree, I was eager to pursuit higher studies abroad. I was keen to join one of the leading universities in Europe in social sciences and I was looking for a challenging programme that could provide me with the necessary tools for the job market. The choice of master was to prepare me for careers inside the financial industry. I was seeking a master that could give me solid understanding of the fundamental quantitative tools in finance and global versatile view of the theoretical applied economics. fleche_open

Axel Searle, M&A Valuations, PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore (Graduated in 2015)

I am originally from Australia. I moved to Singapore when I was 15 years old where I studied at the Australian International School. I then came to Sciences Po for my undergraduate degree at the Middle East and Mediterranean campus in Menton. I spent my third year abroad at the American University in Dubai. fleche_open

Émilie Dubuc, Consultant in Capgemini, Corporate Excellence & Transformation (Graduated in 2015)

I was born and raised in Montreal (Canada) and completed a bachelor degree in Finance & Economics at HEC Montreal prior to Sciences Po. I chose the Master in Economics and Business because it combined both the economic and finance competencies with large possibilities of career at the end. Also I liked the fact it offered lectures and workshops in very different subjects given by the greatest teachers in Europe. fleche_open

Tristan Royer-Borromée, Associate, The Boston Consulting Group (Graduated in 2016)

Born and raised in Paris, I got into Sciences Po right after my Baccalauréat in 2010. I spent two years on the Paris campus, studying social sciences: History, Economics, Law and International Relations. During my third year, I took Asian Studies and Public Policies modules at the National University of Singapore, wherefrom I had the occasion to explore Southeast Asia, and even to come back to Paris from China by train! fleche_open

Samuel Hopkins, Equity Analyst Energy and Agriculture in responsAbility Investments AG (Graduated in 2016)

I did an undergraduate degree in Economics at the London School of Economics and then worked at BlackRock, supporting the use of their portfolio management system by external clients. After a few years, I wanted to fulfil two personal goals I had at the time; moving abroad and continuing my studies. fleche_open

Émilie Siebenborn, Corporate Finance Executive in Total S.A. (Graduated in 2016)

I entered the Master in Economics and Business in 2014, right after my Sciences Po Undergraduate College degree at the Paris' campus and my exchange year at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. As I have always wanted to study Economics and Finance, the Departement of Economics of Sciences Po emerged as an obvious choice. I choose the Master in Economics and Business which has the great advantage of being taught in English and is more relevant with my career path that I expect to be abroad. fleche_open

Florent Lachaud, Internal Strategy Consultant for BNP Corporate & Investment Banking (Graduated in 2016)

I entered the Master Economics and Business in September 2014. Before this experience, I had taken the scientific « Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles », after which I went to AgroParisTech, an engineering school where I majored in Environmental / Energy management and sciences.Willing to work as a Strategy Consultant and – in the long run – in the energy industry, there was no better solution than completing my hard scientific skills with a top-notch training in economics, finance, strategy etc. within this Master. fleche_open