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Career opportunities

Le master Economics and Business intègre l'École du management et de l'innovation de Sciences Po créée en octobre 2016.
Les étudiants en cours de scolarité poursuivent la formation au sein de leur master d'origine.
Leur programme pourra faire l'objet de quelques évolutions liées à la mise en œuvre de l'École pour la rentrée 2017/2018.

The master is targeted at students aiming to work in the private sector in positions requiring both a broad knowledge in economics and business-management in France or abroad. This program is particularly suited for students having in mind a career in:

  • Consulting and audit,
  • Finance and Banking,
  • Large multinational and industrial firms,
  • SMEs and entrepreneurial ventures,
  • International Organizations.

Graduates can take up functions like:

  • Auditors, risk managers, consultants in strategy or management,
  • Financial planners, business analysts, project finance advisors,
  • Business developers, marketing analysts,
  • Economists, ratings analysts, credit or financial analysts,
  • Corporate finance or corporate strategy officers, private equity/mergers and acquisitions advisors…

Job market access is eased by Sciences Po's Department of Economics leading job placements activities:

  • two weekly corporate breakfasts,
  • one weekly afterwork event in leading companies headquarters,
  • permanent job fairs, centralization of all finance-economics-business & management internships and job offers in the Department's weekly newsletter, along with courses where teachers often recruit... in class.