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Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)

Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)
Ghassan Salamé

Vice Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)
Vanessa Scherrer

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In 2010 PSIA opens its doors to over 430 new graduate students and host more than 70 different nationalities under its roof thus expanding intercultural overture and dialogue so pivotal to international and global affairs.

PSIA is open to students who have already given some thought to their career plan and who preferably already have some experience in the field. There are however no Prerequisites per se other than fluency in the English language (level C1).

PSIA is bilingual (English-French) but it guarantees a full course offering in English required to obtain a Master degree for students who have no prior training in French upon arrival in Paris. Intensive French language training will be offered to students who wish to rise to the challenge of acquiring a second or third language during their course of study at PSIA.


Objectives of the program and curriculum overview

The PSIA program embraces complexity by conjugating both the vertical, particular needs of students to acquire a specialisation in relation to their career goals with the horizontal, general need for international and global decision-makers capable of thinking across silos.


affaires internationalesAffaires internationalesAffaires internationales


Although the PSIA curriculum strongly emphasises specialisation and “craft” by awarding six different Masters, it places as much emphasis on:

  • equipping students with common conceptual and methodological tools needed to contextualise and handle intelligently contemporary world issues (the “PSIA Fundamentals”) ;
  • intersections by building bridges between programs (‘shared’ courses) and by offering 14 “minor” programmes open to all PSIA students irrespective of their Master programme.

This three-tiered curriculum is completed by customised language instruction and a capstone experience (internship, junior consultancy project, field research).