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Graduate admission

International admissions

Through the International graduate admissions procedure, Sciences Po aims to attract students from all over the world, thus putting to use their different talents, and the diversity of their experiences.

The international graduate admissions procedure is open to applicants having completed their university education in an institution of higher education abroad.

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Graduate admissions for undergraduates in France

Applicants having completed their university education in an institution of higher education in France may apply through the "procédure par examen".

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One year Master's programmes

One-year master's programmes at Sciences Po deliver an intensive curriculum designed for young professionals seeking to take their career to the next level. These programmes are taught in English.

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Admission into dual degree programmes

As part of its international strategy, Sciences Po offers dual degree programmes with several major universities throughout the world. Each year, these programmes enable students selected by both institutions to complete one year of studies at Sciences Po and another at the partner institution, with a Master degree awarded by both universities.

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The social sciences programme

A Social Sciences Programme has been set up in order to enable students from other schools and universities who have gained admission to the 1st year of the 2014-2015 Master's to acquire the necessary pre-requisites for Sciences Po. This summer school proposes introductory courses in law, history, economics and political science. Students who have never taken economics classes are obliged to take the introduction to economics course.

These introductory courses, put together in tandem with the Collège universitaire de Sciences Po, provide an opportunity for new students to catch up on subjects in terms of content and method.

It provides classes online as well as a teaching platform with class work, corrections and self-corrections. Each student may follow these classes free from June 4th to August 28th 2016.

Important: in order to consult these online classes, all students must have activated their Sciences Po Email. Classes and exercises are then available by clicking on the following link: http://moodle.sciences-po.fr/

For all questions regarding the social sciences programme, please get in touch with Claire Porret or Lucille Egloff on 01 45 49 59 67 or 59 21 or by e-mail : contact.pss@sciencespo.fr up until July 22nd 2016.

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