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Double diplôme - Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo

Double masters degree International Relations, Management & Trade


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Presentation of the double masters degree

Sciences Po and FGV-EAESP have decided to come together in order to propose a high-quality joint curriculum through the Dual Master's Degree in International Relations, Management & Trade.

This two-year programme offers an advanced and demanding education in the area of International Relations, Management and Trade, allowing participating students insertion into top-level positions in the private, public or international sector.

In this two-year full time Master's programme, taught in both French and English, students focus on the main theories and expertise relevant to international relations, management and business. Instruction is imparted by distinguished scholars, business leaders and policy makers. Courses combine seminars on specific issues with workshops, simulations, case studies, and talks.


FGV-EAESP (Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo) at a glance

FGV-EAESP was founded in the 1950s by the joint efforts of the Brazilian government, Brazilian business community, and Michigan State University. In the midst of a major industrialization period, Brazil had a sudden and immediate need for skilled management and expertise to confront the country's new economic obstacles. FGV was created to assume this responsibility and has since that time continued to contribute to Brazil's development through the training of first-rate leaders and experts in economy, business and management.

Indeed, since 1954, FGV-EAESP, Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, has been committed to forming outstanding professionals and learned citizens who possess the necessary tools to cope to with the economic and social challenges of a constantly changing and challenging world.

The more than 100,000 graduates of the FGV-EAESP reflect the characteristics of an EAESP education: strong theoretical foundations, acute expertise, an ability to comprehend and respond to current political and social complexities in a manner that contributes to development, etc.

Key Figures: FGV - EAESP :

  • 25% of FGV EAESP alumni are CEOs in Brazil
  • According to America Economia 2006 –2007, FGV –EAESP ranked as the 1st Business School in Brazil and 3rd Business School in Latin America
  • The largest business library collection in Latin America
  • 300 Faculty members (120 tenure-track and 180 non tenure-track)
  • 300 Guest speakers per year
  • An administrative staff of 300
  • 7 Academic Departments
  • 80 International Partnering Schools
  • Status: private non-profit business school
  • Enrolled Students: 15,000 students
    • Undergraduate: 2,000
      • Business Administration: 1,600
      • Public Administration: 400
    • Graduate: 2,830
      • Diploma in Business Administration for Graduates (part time MBA): 2,300
      • MSc Academic Oriented (full time MBA): 50
      • Master in Business Administration (MPA): 110
      • ONEMBA – Global Executive MBA: 20
      • Diploma Distance Learning Education (GVnet): 200
      • Doctorate (PhD): 150
  • Continuing Education: More than 10,300 students
  • FGV-EAESP hosts the most complete Continuing Education Program in Brazil with more then 60 specific courses in the field of management studies

Programme of studies

The Sciences Po – FGV-EAESP dual Master's degrees in International Relations, Management and Trade lasts two years : the first year takes place at Sciences Po in the Master's Degree Finance et Stratégie or in the Master's Degree in Economics and Business and the second year will take place at FGV-EAESPin the Mestrado Profissional em Gestão Internacional.

Students are enrolled full-time in both institutions for both years and benefit from the student services of each institution (free access to library, student unions …).

Courses are multidisciplinary and students can choose from a wide range of courses in management, business, finance, economics, law, and international relations.

All students will be required to follow French and/or English language courses at Sciences Po if their level in not considered fully fluent. Native speakers and students having completed degree programs at French or English-speaking higher education institutions may be exempt from this condition.
The programme also includes an obligatory ten-week internship that may be conducted at any time throughout the programme's duration. And thesis project is also required at the end of the fourth semester of studies.

Assessment will be conducted according to the regular grading and evaluation procedures of each institution. Graduation relies on the successful validation of both years of the studies at Sciences Po and FGV-EAESP respectively.

Studies: Year 1 at Sciences Po

The academic year at Sciences Po runs from September to December for the first semester and from January to May for the second semester:

Studies: Year 2 at FGV-EAESP

The Academic year at FGV-EAESAP runs from August to December for the first semester and from February to June for the second semester

Mestrado Profissional em Gestão Internacional Programme

Who can apply to the dual degree Sciences Po – FGV-EAESP?

May apply:

  • Students holding an undergraduate degree or the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree;
  • Students demonstrating an excellent proficiency in English and French, or at least in English.

Non native French speakers must present applying for the Master's Degree Finance et Stratégie:

  • a Level 5 on the TCF or DALF C1 in French in their application, or a French Baccalauréat or a university degree of a least three years from a francophone establishment.

For non native English speakers:

  • 100 TOEFL or IELTS 7
  • Students applying for this dual degree programme will have prior professional experience (jobs or internships), an academic background in business, economics, law and/or social sciences and strong quantitative skills.


Candidates must apply directly on the Sciences Po website: Admissions The application is accessible online only.

The following information provides a general idea of the application's components and is in no way an exhaustive list of the documents required. Detailed application information is available in the online application. To access the application you must create an online profile and begin the application process. Online access to the application is unlimited.

Please consult the Admissions website and the online application for information regarding your application. If you have any specific questions, Admissions will be happy to respond to any specific questions. 

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • A full and official transcript of grades obtained for each year of university education, including the current year when possible;
  • A certified copy of your undergraduate degree (if applicable);
  • A personal statement to be submitted in English or French. In no more than 1000 words, please describe your background, your career objectives in the field of international management and business and how obtaining this dual degree will help you to achieve those objectives;
  • Two letters of recommendation, either in French or English. They must be submitted online or placed in a sealed and signed envelope by the referee before being added to the application packet.
  • A copy of TOEFL or IELTS for non-native English-speakers, and of the TCF or DALF  for non-native French-speakers
  • A resume in English (French version optional)
  • Further application information is available on the Sciences Po Online Application

Applications are administered centrally at Sciences Po where they will be examined by a joint admissions board comprised of representatives from both FGV-EAESP and Sciences Po.

NB: this application is specific to this programme and may not be considered as an application to admission in other programmes offered by either institution.

Tuition fees

Students must pay the tuition fees applicable in their host institution (Sciences Po for Year 1 and FGV-EAESP for the Year 2).

For further informations:

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