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Double diplôme - Georgetown Law School

Master in International Affairs (Sciences Po)
Master of Laws (Georgetown University Law Center)

Georgetown University Law Center is one of the world’s premier law schools. It has the largest faculty of any law school in the United States, and is preeminent in several areas, including constitutional, international, tax and clinical law. Drawing on its Jesuit heritage, it has a strong tradition of public service and is dedicated to the principle that law is but a means, justice is the end. With this principle in mind, Georgetown Law has built an environment that cultivates an exchange of practical ideas and the pursuit of academic excellence. It brings together an extraordinarily varied group of teachers, scholars and practitioners, as well as an outstanding student body.

Georgetown Law’s LL.M. program draws approximately 400 students per year from the United States and more than 60 countries around the world. Through the various available degree options and certificate programs, Georgetown Law offers an unparalleled opportunity for lawyers to broaden and deepen their understanding of law. The depth of its faculty allows Georgetown Law to offer more than 300 courses and seminars, covering everything from foundational issues in jurisprudence to cutting-edge issues of the most sophisticated legal practice. Our talented LL.M. students bring exemplary academic credentials and practice experience from throughout the United States and around the world.

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., Georgetown Law’s campus is within walking distance of the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Tax Court, and other government agencies and courts. Washington is a beautiful, international city that is the seat of U.S. government and is also home to major international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Organization of American States. The many governmental, international and non-profit organizations.


An elite program in international affairs and law

Georgetown Law and Sciences Po recognize the importance of preparing lawyers and policy makers to function in an increasingly globalized society. With this understanding, Georgetown Law and Sciences Po worked together to create a program of study that allows young lawyers to expand their backgrounds in the social sciences, and to deepen their knowledge in their chosen area of law, in preparation for careers in international affairs and law.

Sciences Po’s wide and varied curriculum, its multidisciplinary approach, and the availability of several specializations complement Georgetown Law’s array of courses dealing with transnational and international law (both public and private), and its institutional focus on preparing lawyers for transnational practice. Both institutions are located in cities that are major centers for international policy, law and business, where students can have the opportunity to observe the principles that they are learning being put into action.

fleche_open Program Overview

fleche_open Year 1 - at Sciences Po

fleche_open Year 2 - at Georgetown Law