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School of Management and Innovation - open in a new windowThe Master Financial Regulation and Risk Management is being integrated into the Sciences Po School of Management and Innovation launched in October 2016.
Current students will continue studying in their original Master's programme.
Their programme may undergo a few alterations related to the School's organisation for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The programme will allow students to acquire an extensive knowledge of financial regulation, financial markets, risk management and audit-compliance.

They will also be able to acquire specialised skills through a large range of electives and options offered, including microcredit, mergers and acquisitions, commodities, banking ratios, corporate rating, sovereign rating, corporate financial strategy, corporate finance, Islamic finance, financial communication and comparative international accounting standards.

Core courses will deal with performance assessment of national and international regulatory frameworks both at the macro level - with a focus on how to improve the regulation framework - and at a micro level – with an emphasis on how to anticipate and apply regulation at a corporate and banking level.

The programme will examine all types of regulation and risk, the ability to put them into practice and to manage them through a risk analysis approach.

At the end of the year, students will take the traditional Sciences Po's oral examination, the "Grand O". 

The Grand O

The Oral Examination, "the Grand O", turns on topics that are covered throughout the programme's curriculum during the year.

During this examination, the committee will take into consideration the student's understanding of and expertise with respect fundamental concepts, knowledge of current affairs and issues and, finally, her/his ability capacity to express her/himself orally.